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The Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd., a government of Kerala undertaking, was established in the year 1971, with a mission to support and uplift the bamboo weaving and reed cutter community as well as other traditional workers depending on bamboo resources.

Over one lakh individuals, who are either engaged in reed cutting, mat weaving or making handicraft articles are benefited from the Corporation.
Kerala State Bamboo Corporation's main activity is collection of good quality reeds from Government forests and distributing these reeds to the registered mat weavers of the Corporation, throughout the State of Kerala, on credit basis and procuring woven mats made of these reeds at reasonable prices, thus providing employment and regular means of livelihood to these weaver sections of the society.

With a capital base of about Rs.700 Lakhs, this Corporation is serving almost of one lakh number of traditional workers as under:-
1.Reed Cutters : 1500 Nos.
2 Mat Weavers-9484 family x4Nos. : 37936Nos.
3. Other category workers(including) : 30,000Nos.
(Traditional workers engaged in making baskets,handicrafts etc.)

About 80% of these traditional workers belong to socially and economically backward classes. Another important aspect is that most of the mat weavers attached to the Corporation are women.
The Corporation is authorised by the Government to collect 29,000 M.T of reeds per annum from the forests.
It has 12 reed collection centres, 87 depots for distributing reeds to the weavers, and 15 reed distribution centres to supply reeds to the traditional workers.
The centres are located in different parts of the state.
The Kerala State Bamboo Corporation has its head office at Angamally in Ernakulam district.

  Factory Units

Bamboo Board Factory

Bamboo Board Factory was established in 1985, to produce value added products using Bamboo mats as the main raw material, thus creating better employment opportunities to the traditional bamboo workers who mostly belong to economically backward classes. Commercial production started in 1990, in single shift and by 1993, due to increased market demand for Bambooply, additional production over and above the targeted production fixed between the Management and the Unions was there. In 1998, the second shift was started and the daily production was doubled.

Now 21,500 square feet (1998 Sq.meter) of Bambooply on 4 mm basis is produced daily on an average in normal conditions of working.

Hi-tech Bamboo Flooring Tile Factory –Nallalam

The Hi Tech Bamboo Flooring Tile Factory was commissioned and inaugurated on 28th February 2011 at Nallalam, Kozhikode by the Hon’ble Minister Shri. Elamaram Kareem with a view to manufacture Hi-Tech Bamboo Flooring Tiles using Bamboo as the main raw material using imported Chinese Technology.

Four types of production are taken as follows:
1. Vertical Grains – Natural Colour
2.Vertical grains – Carbonized (Darker shades)
3.Horizontal grains- Natural Colour
4.Horizontal grains - Carbonized (Darker shades)
The installed capacity at the Factory is 1, 44,000 Sq. Metres of Bamboo Flooring per annum.
Using the bamboo waste at the flooring tile factory, by products such as Tooth Picks, Window Blinds and Incense Sticks are being manufactured at Feeder Units of Kadampuzha, Palakkad, and Nadapuram respectively and also at the main Flooring Tile Factory at Nallalam, Kozhikode. The Flooring Tiles are Eco-friendly and is priced between Rs. 150/- and Rs. 200/-per Sq. Ft depending on the quality of the product.

Feeder/Primary Processing Units
Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd. has four Feeder/Primary Processing Units at Palakkad, Kadampuzha, Mananthawady and Nadapuram for the purpose of processing raw bamboo into strips in various thicknesses by weaving it as Bamboo curtains for the production of Flattened Bamboo Board at its subsidiary unit of Bamboo Board Factory, Angamaly. The waste bamboo, arising out of the above process ranging from 50 to 70% are further used for the manufacturing of value added products like Toothpick, Curtain Blinds, and Bamboo Curtains, Incense Sticks etc.

Product & Services.


(i) Bambooply (Resin Bonded Bamboomats with or without veneer in between)
(iii)Flattened Bamboo Board
(iv)Bamboo Flooring Tiles
(V)Bamboo Curtains
(VI) Incense Sticks
(VII) Tooth Picks


Sale of the products mainly Bamboo mats and Bamboo ply to different dealers/customers in the Government/Private sector. Giving Training in mat weaving etc.
Bamboo ply sales mainly in Kerala through about 100 dealers. The product is superior quality, wood/plywood substitute, marine grade boards. Availed in sizes 5’x3’, 6'x3', 6'x4', 8'x4', thickness-3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 9mm & 12 mm. Termite Resistant, Water Resistant and Heat Resistant. Product has been exported to Keneya, & Maldives. Now sold in Karnataka State through KSSIDC as our Consignment Sale Agency and in Bangalore through dealers. Shortly starting sales in Tamil Nadu at Coimbatore, Salem, Karur etc.
Sale of Bamboo mats-mainly outside Kerala - uses - for Dunn age purpose and for covering temporary shelters. Food Corporation of India (FCI), Central/State Warehousing Corporations use these mats for dunnage purpose. Sugar mills in Maharashtra & Tamil Nadu use mats for covering temporary shelters during sugar seasons.

R&D Activities

To reduce the cost of production of Bambooply we are developing thicker mats from Reeds as well as Bamboos as Core mats for Bambooply. Already produced some thicker mats with reeds and production of Bambooply on trial basis is in progress and further trials are also going on to improve this for commercialization.

Welfare Activities

(i) Reed Cutters/Mat Weavers
a. Reed cutters have been covered under Group Janatha Personal Accident Insurance and Group Janarogya Bhima Policy for Reimbursement of Medical expense and for getting death aid.
b. Providing Incentive /Bonus to the Reeds cutters and Mats weavers every year as per prevailing norm. Periodical Training is imparted to Mat weavers to improve their skills.

(ii) Depot Workers (on daily wage/piece rate basis)
a. Extending Employees Provident Fund Benefit
b. Providing Medical assistance to workers and their dependents in lieu of ESI @ one month salary every year per worker
c. Providing Incentive/Bonus every year.

(iii) Central Godown/Complex Workers (on daily wage/piece rate basis)
a. Extending Employees Provident Fund Benefit Extending ESI coverage.
b. Providing Incentive /Bonus every year.

(iv) Loading Workers (on piece rate basis)
a. Providing Incentive /Bonus to the workers every year as per prevailing norm.
b. Covered under Mediclaim, Janatha Personal Accident and Personal Accident Policies of National Insurance Co. for reimbursement of medical assistance and death aid.

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