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  About Bamboo

Ochalandra Travancorica reedi or simply reeds is a rare species of bamboo found abundantly in the forests of Kerala. Bamboo mats woven from reeds is very popular in the state and so is bambooply, the resin bonded bamboo mats, which are a good substitute for wood/plywood based applications. Since the plant propagates rapidly and the collection method is by select felling, the ecological balance is not disturbed even if reeds are cut in large numbers. For centuries man has been using bamboo for various purposes. As a natural, renewable resource, bamboo is regaining its popularity in the modern world.

Bamboo is a woody grass, which occurs naturally on every major continent except Europe

Versatile and highly renewable material
Strong and comparable on critical parameters with even teak and other hard woods.
eco-friendly alternative to many currently used materials
lends itself to simple processing technologies
capable of high-end and high-value products and applications

Why Bamboo is important?

Recently there has been a growing interest in the cultivation of bamboo – several reasons
Increasing demand for good quality bamboo culms for industrial and commercial applications
Continuing demand for traditional uses and crafts
Organised cultivation has new markets from processors
Ecological awareness – recognition of bamboo as an environment-friendly resource and material
Growing scarcity and cost of conventional timber
Vast and as yet substantially untapped potential
Resource that can generate income and employment, especially in backward areas and amongst deprived communities

BAMBOO – India has a tradition

1600 species of bamboo in the world, distributed across 111 genera
India’s bamboo resources - second largest in the world
India hold almost 130 species spread across 18 genera
Grow naturally at heights from sea level to over 3500 meters
10 million ha - forest land / homesteads & private plantations
Strong, versatile and highly renewable material
– one that people and communities have known and utilized for thousands of years
Bamboo has been an integral part of India’s cultural, social and economic traditions

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